7 amazing uses and benefits of avocado oil

Avocado oil, an oil extracted from the pulp of the avocado fruit (no, not a vegetable) is increasing in popularity and is amazingly good for you! Often referred to as a superfood, avocado oil has countless health, beauty and nutritional benefits.

So, what are the secrets to this superfood (or fruit)?

  1. Strengthens your immune system

Avocado oil is packed with vitamins, and is among the foods with the highest levels of vitamin E. It is also rich in mono-unsaturated fats, you know, those healthy types of fats. Thesefats help absorb vitamins and nutrients and canreduce the risk of cancer.

  1. Protects your heart

Vitamin E, as wells as antioxidants that are found in avocado oil, is also very good for your heart. By preventing plaque build-up in arteries, these nutrients can help lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke.

  1. Helps maintain good eye health

Research suggests that avocado oil can be very beneficial to eye health. As we age, our eyesight might become weaker, but the nutrients found in avocados can help prevent damage to our vision. In fact, it can even decrease the risk of certain eye diseases, such as cataract.La-Tourangelle-Avocado-Oil1

  1. Improves digestion and helps with weight loss

The many vitamins, minerals and healthy fats in avocado oil can greatly improve the digestive system. Use avocado oil for a while, and soon you’ll start to have more energy. and even lose weight. That’s not all, though. Additionally, since the nutrients in avocado will make you feel fuller faster and longer, it may become easier to improve your eating habits and live healthier. For a simple, but very good and healthy recipe with avocado oil, click here.

  1. Great for your hair

You may have thought that avocado oil is merely a food, but it can also be used as a cosmetic, for instance as a hair serum. After washing your hair, apply the oil to your hair and scalp. As avocado oil is a great moisturizer, it will let your hair appear smoother and healthier as well as help it grow faster. Do you want to try it out? Here you can find three different ways to use avocado oil on your hair.

  1. Improves skin health

Avocado oil can do wonders to your skin in so many different ways. You can use the oil to treat various skin conditions, sunburn and insect bites. You can use it as a moisturizer for dry and itchy skin. You can use it on small cuts and wounds to help them heal faster and, due to the many antioxidants found in avocado oil, the oil is also a wonderful anti-aging agent. For an explanation about how to use avocado oil on your skin, go to this webpage.

  1. It tastes delicious

Aside from all the health and beauty benefits, maybe the best reason of all to useavocado oil is that it’s simply just delicious! It has a mild, nutty flavor, a smooth texture and can be used in all kinds of ways, including frying, roasting, as a substitute for butter inbaking, or as a salad dressing. Can it get any better?

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